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K8s IDE Tool: code extension

for developers building applications to run in Kubernetes clusters, and for DevOps staff troubleshooting Kubernetes applications. Features include: View your clusters in an explorer tree view, and drill into workloads, services, pods and nodes. Browse Helm repos and install charts into your Kubernetes cluster. Intellisense for Kubernetes resources and Helm charts and templates. Edit Kubernetes resource manifests and apply them to your cluster. Build and run containers in your cluster from Dockerfiles in your project.

K8s Development Streamline with draft

准备 初始化 draft init ... Installing default plugins... Preparing to install into /home/bigo/.draft/plugins/draft-pack-repo draft-pack-repo installed into /home/bigo/.draft/plugins/draft-pack-repo/draft-pack-repo Installed plugin: pack-repo Installation of default plugins complete Installing default pack repositories... Installing pack repo from Installed pack repository Installation of default pack repositories complete $DRAFT_HOME has been configured at /home/bigo/.draft. ... 设置docker镜像寄存器 draft config set registry or skip the push process entirely using the –skip-image-push flag