IN VPC 更新前VPC 更新后VPC While Hyperplane still uses a cross account network interface, it provides the following benefits for Lambda within a VPC: Reduced latency when a function is invoked by using pre-created network interfaces. The network interface is created when the Lambda function is initially created. Network interfaces are shared across functions with the same security group:subnet combination Function scaling is no longer bound to the number of network interfaces While the new changes make it more conducive for developers to connect Lambda functions to VPCs, the basic architecture doesn’t change in terms of your VPC.


创建函数 分配角色 zip index.js aws lambda create-function --function-name sns-db-function \ --zip-file fileb:// --handler index.handler --runtime nodejs12.x \ --role arn:aws:iam::465691908928:role/fn-case-role


发布测试消息到SNS git clone node sns_publishtotopic.js Message MESSAGE_TEXT send sent to the topic arn:aws:sns:ap-northeast-1:465691908928:func-topic MessageID is 8b5c90f2-0c74-5985-8a34-c676c0370f73 根据MessageID查看函数执行结果 The $ in [$LATEST] needs to be escaped…[\$LATEST]. aws logs describe-log-groups --query logGroups[*].logGroupName aws logs describe-log-streams --log-group-name '/aws/lambda/my-function' --query logStreams[*].logStreamName aws logs get-log-events --log-group-name '/aws/lambda/my-function' --log-stream-name '2019/12/31/[$LATEST]7467497f9cdb4078a876ab889797793c' { "ingestionTime": 1577764111252, "timestamp": 1577764096184, "message": "2019-12-31T03:48:16.183Z\tc01c9f5e-6c33-40a1-a6d9-c11ab248ab48\tINFO\tEVENT\n{\n \"Records\": [\n {\n \"EventSource\": \"aws:sns\",\n \"EventVersion\": \"1.0\",\n \"EventSubscriptionArn\": \"arn:aws:sns:ap-northeast-1:465691908928:func-topic:2e0e0d95-f1c8-47bd-90ff-40ca4129794b\",\n \"Sns\": {\n \"Type\": \"Notification\",\n \"MessageId\": \"5f80d26e-bdeb-579f-bc81-84ea7ad4e2ae\",\n \"TopicArn\": \"arn:aws:sns:ap-northeast-1:465691908928:func-topic\",\n \"Subject\": null,\n \"Message\": \"MESSAGE_TEXT\",\n \"Timestamp\": \"2019-12-31T03:48:15.


restore snapshot shell !#/bin/bash wget tar xvf node-v12.13.1-linux-x64.tar.xz export PATH=/home/ubuntu/node-v12.13.1-linux-x64/bin:$PATH wget sudo apt update sudo apt install unzip unzip mv Final\ Source\ Code/ sls sudo apt install python-pip pip install awscli which aws_completer cp ~/.bashrc ~/.bashrc_orig tee -a ~/.bashrc <<-'EOF' complete -C '/home/ubuntu/.local/bin/aws_completer' aws export PATH=/home/ubuntu/node-v12.13.1-linux-x64/bin:$PATH EOF aws configure npm install claudia -g claudia -v 5.11.0 cd chapter-03 npm install claudia create \ --region ap-northeast-1 \ --api-module api packaging files npm install -q --no-audit --production npm WARN [email protected]