Envoy Control Plane API Server Testing

SNAPSHOT // Snapshot is an internally consistent snapshot of xDS resources. // Consistentcy is important for the convergence as different resource types // from the snapshot may be delivered to the proxy in arbitrary order. type Snapshot struct { // Endpoints are items in the EDS response payload. Endpoints Resources // Clusters are items in the CDS response payload. Clusters Resources // Routes are items in the RDS response payload.

microservice notes

Microservices at Netflix Scale https://gotocon.com/dl/goto-amsterdam-2016/slides/RuslanMeshenberg_MicroservicesAtNetflixScaleFirstPrinciplesTradeoffsLessonsLearned.pdf securing microservice with UAA user accounting and authorizing service(UAA) Using JWT authentication without manually forwarding JWTs from request to internal request forces microservices to call other microservices over the gateway, which involves additional internal requests per one master requests. But even with forwarding, it’s not possible to cleanly separate user and machine authentication. JWT (JSON Web Token) JWT (JSON Web Token) is an industry standard, easy-to-use method for securing applications in a microservices architecture.