WebGPU Notes

WebGPU is the new GPU API that available in browser. It’s one of the only 2 APIs that currently available to access the GPU from browser (the other is WebGL). WebGPU is the successor to WebGL, providing better compatibility with modern GPUs, support for general-purpose GPU computations, faster operations, and access to more advanced GPU features. WebGL基本问题 WebGL has some fundamental issues that needed addressing: Since WebGL’s release, a new generation of native GPU APIs have appeared — the most popular being Microsoft’s Direct3D 12, Apple’s Metal, and The Khronos Group’s Vulkan — which provide a multitude of new features.

Webcam to IP Camera

摄像头的区别 USB vs RTSP vs ONVIF If we use USB cameras we do not need the camera url and some functions like moving, zooming etc. will not be available. In the case of RTSP cameras and ONVIF cameras there are more functions available. The difference between the RTSP camera and the ONVIF camera is the following: the RTSP camera has only one stream in comparsion with the ONVIF camera having multiple streams at a time


Once the face is detected, the AI then provides the information on its size, pose, and location The state-of-the-art face detection software uses pattern detection technology. No personal data is collected, and no images are stored. 人脸检测基本方法 #Import Libraries #Import Classifier for Face and Eye Detection #Convert Image to Grayscale #Give coordinates to detect face and eyes location from ROI #Webcam setup for Face Detection #When everything is done, release the capture