Multi Cloud Serverless Platform

The size of the market for multiparty, multicloud data and code aggregation is enormous and only grows larger as companies capture every last bit of data. Vendia’s serverless-based technology offers benefits such as ease of experimentation, no operational heavy lifting and a pay-as-you-go pricing model, making it both very consumable and highly disruptive

Cmp Onecloud Region Code

config climc service-config-edit region2 or kubectl describe cm default-region -n onecloud region.conf log_level: debug log_verbose_level: 10 enable_host_health_check: false enable_ssl: false port: 30888 port_v2: 30888 依赖的模块 HTTP web framework ORM region endpoint climc endpoint-show b0d33d8b370c42418cb3c6e51442c072 +--------------------+----------------------------------+ | Field | Value | +--------------------+----------------------------------+ | can_delete | false | | can_update | true | | created_at | 2020-06-23T03:03:20.000000Z | | deleted | false | | enabled | true | | id | b0d33d8b370c42418cb3c6e51442c072 | | interface | public | | is_emulated | false | | name | compute_v2-public | | public_key_bit_len | 0 | | region_id | region0 | | service_id | fb54a285aa3e4c848298148596011aa1 | | service_name | region2 | | service_type | compute_v2 | | update_version | 0 | | updated_at | 2020-06-23T03:03:20.


系统设置 /etc/yum.conf obsoletes=0 obsoletes=1: 安装k8s 1.15.8会报一个依赖错误 安装ansible sudo yum install epel-release sudo yum install python-pip pip install ansible 安装kubelet(可选) OCADM创建K8S的前提条件是kebelet正常工作 安装kubelet OCBOOT git clone cd ocboot ./ ./config-allinone.yml allinone.yml mariadb_node: use_local: true hostname: user: root db_user: root db_password: qwe123 primary_master_node: #master_node: use_local: true hostname: user: root db_host: db_user: root db_password: qwe123 onecloud_user: demo onecloud_user_password: demo@123 controlplane_host: controlplane_port: "6443" as_host: true registry_mirrors: - https://lje6zxpk.

Onecloud Source Code Dev Note

删除 systemctl list-unit-files --all | grep yunion systemctl disable yunion-executor systemctl disable yunion-registry systemctl disable kubelet rm -rf /opt/yunion systemctl disable libvirtd.service ip link set virbr0 down brctl delbr virbr0 operator kubectl logs -n onecloud default-region- -c init kubectl edit deployments. -n onecloud onecloud-operator containers: - command: - /bin/onecloud-controller-manager - -sync-user onecloud-operator,加上‘-sync-user’ 会自动修改用户密码, 然后再 kubectl delete deployments -n onecloud default-region 等待重建再试试 WEB 前端代码是很多 git 仓库组成的,需要用 ‘yarn sync release/3.

openstack notes

multiple neutron nodes with only one node attached to external network In a typical OpenStack deployment you do not bind Nova instances directly to the external network. As you have already surmised, this won’t work because that network isn’t provisioned on the compute hosts. Instead, you attach your instances to an internal network, and then you assign floating ip addresses from the external network using,e.g., nova floating-ip-create and nova floating-ip-associate.