Aws VPC之间或VPC与私有网络之间的连接方式汇总

VPC之间的连接方式 专线 VPN托管服务 VPN Peering 自建或第三方VPN PrivateLink VPC与私有网络之间的连接方式 VPN托管服务 专线 专线+VPN 自建或第三方VPN Transit VPC VPN Hub

Aws VPC 基础

An Internet gateway is a fully managed AWS service that performs bi-direction source and destination network address translation for your EC2 instances. Optionally, a VPC may use a virtual private gateway to grant instances secure access to a user’s corporate network via VPN or direct connect links. Instances in a subnet can also be granted outbound only Internet access through a NAT gateway. public subnet A public subnet is a subnet that’s associated with a route table that has a route to an Internet gateway