Mainflux Dev Setup

BUILD mkdir -p $GOPATH/src/github.com/mailflux git clone https://github.com/wubigo/mainflux.git cd github.com/mailflux/mailflux/ make make dockers_dev make run Provision the System mainflux-cli provision test GET TOKEN curl -k { "email": "[email protected]", "password": "12345678" }

Webcam to IP Camera

摄像头的区别 USB vs RTSP vs ONVIF If we use USB cameras we do not need the camera url and some functions like moving, zooming etc. will not be available. In the case of RTSP cameras and ONVIF cameras there are more functions available. The difference between the RTSP camera and the ONVIF camera is the following: the RTSP camera has only one stream in comparsion with the ONVIF camera having multiple streams at a time

Opc Notes

工业物联网OSI参考模型 软件接口 OPC 应用层 ModBus 数据链路层 CAN,ProfiBus 物理层 RS232,RS485 OPC服务器 OPC SERVER = OPC驱动器 OPC 简单来说,OPC是一套标准,其目的是把PLC特定的协议(如Modbus,Profibus等)抽象成为标准化的接口,作为“中间人”的角色把通用的OPC“读写”请求转换成具体的设备协议来与HMI/SCADA系统直接对接 When the standard was first released in 1996, its purpose was to abstract PLC specific protocols (such as Modbus, Profibus, etc.) into a standardized interface allowing HMI/SCADA systems to interface with a “middle-man” who would convert generic-OPC read/write requests into device-specific requests and vice-versa.