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A collection of concise write-ups about what i learned today and it's build from http://bigo.github.io .These are things that don't really warrant a full blog post

software lead weekly

Dealing with ambiguity and developing resilience


The 2 Mental Shifts Highly Successful People Make


why your programmers just want to code


Three Powerful Conversations Managers Must Have To Develop Their People

  1. Starting with kindergarten, tell me about your life

  2. Spot their lighthouse and bring it into focus “The idea is to try to get employees to start to talk to you about their dreams, or three to five of them if they don’t really want to commit to one idea. None of it should be time-bound — no 10-year plans. Ask what this person would be doing at the pinnacle of his or her career — when they’re feeling challenged, engaged and not wanting anything else.”

  3. Create a career action plan

leading snowflakes

http://leadingsnowflakes.com/ Show How, Don’t Tell What - A Management Style

Progressing from tech to leadership


Share your Manager README


How to Win Friends and Influence People


Books I read this year