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A collection of concise write-ups about what i learned today and it's build from http://bigo.github.io .These are things that don't really warrant a full blog post

ghost notes

Adding swap memory

If your system has less than 1GB memory, you may run into errors. To overcome this, configure a larger amount of swap memory:

dd if=/dev/zero of=/var/swap bs=1k count=1024k
mkswap /var/swap
swapon /var/swap
echo '/var/swap swap swap default 0 0' >> /etc/fstab



blog mail configuration using Amazon SES

Ghost is a blogging platform written in nodejs. Edit the config.js file at the ghost root directory

mail: {
   from: 'from@email.com',
   transport: 'SMTP',
   options: {
     host: "your-amazon-host",
     port: 465,
     service: "SES",
     auth: {
       user: "your-amazon-user",
       pass: "your-amazon-password"

Amazon SES credential can be generated from amazon control panel. From address must be registered and verified as sender.


cp /home/ubuntu/favicon.ico /var/www/ghost/versions/1.18.2/core/server/public/