Wu Bigo

Today I Learned

A collection of concise write-ups about what i learned today and it's build from http://bigo.github.io .These are things that don't really warrant a full blog post

Git log as release note


		              <!-- A file on filesystem //-->


get a copy of mustache template and save as changelog.mustache under the project home directory


mvn compile to create the CHANGELOG.md

mvn compile

upload the CHANGELOG.md to nginx as a release not

config nginx support browser MD


text/markdown                         md;

reload nginx and check the release note as text

use template with StrapDown.js to render Markdown as html

			<!DOCTYPE html>
			<title>Bigo release</title>
			<xmp theme="united" style="display:none;">
			<script src="http://strapdownjs.com/v/0.2/strapdown.js"></script>